What is AuTool?

AuTool is a desktop extension system that brings the convenience of browser plugins to your desktop. You can use AuTool to streamline your daily tasks, automate your workflows, or create your own work assistant.

Similar to browser extensions, an AuTool script can run either silently in background or interactively through a popup window. The content of the popup window is fully customizable using YAML, so you can create your own UI for your script.

AuTool Script Examples

You can use AuTool to create your own scripts. Check out Write-Your-Own-Script section for more details, or you can download scripts from the AuTool Script Library

Smart Assistants

Process Automation

  • Webpage Parsing
  • Auto-Fill Online Forms
  • Knowledge Subscription
  • Important Event Reminders

Why we designed AuTool?

AuTool is not just another robotic process automation tool or desktop smart assistant. It is a new platform to develop and deploy smart assistants. Specifically, We develop AuTool to achieve the following goals:

Composable Software

You might be experiencing the issue of SaaS fragmentation, which occurs when you find yourself having to install multiple applications just to complete a single task. On the flip side, there are situations where you only require a specific feature to accomplish your goals, but you're forced to install an entire, overly large application just to access that feature.

Is there an easy way to empower users to select the features they want and create a user-friendly app that meets their specific requirements, without excessive complexity? That's where AuTool comes in. We refer to it as "composable software." With AuTool, we offer a scripting language similar to JSON, which enables users to choose the functional components they desire and effortlessly construct an app that precisely matches their needs.

AI-assisted SaaS

While SaaS aims to simplify people's lives, the growing complexity of business logic and accumulated technical debts can make software systems unexpectedly difficult to use. It often requires a substantial amount of time to learn how to navigate the software and avoid potential pitfalls. This is where AuTool comes into play. Our goal is to address this issue by leveraging AI to handle complex software operations, allowing you to simply communicate your desired actions to the AI, eliminating the need for extensive manual learning.

In order to accomplish this objective, we simplify the software operations by breaking them down into a set of fundamental programming language elements. Then, we employ AI to understand the correlation between the user's intentions and these elements. This allows us to achieve AI-assisted automation for SaaS, streamlining the user experience.